Karma System

In Inferna you get karma for good deeds. To increase your karma points, kill monsters or just spend time in the game.

  • If you have positive karma you get 12 karma points per minute.
  • If you have negative karma you get 150 karma points per minute.

When you kill players from your kingdom (Aggressive Mode), you receive negative karma.

You can view your Karma Points in the Status window by pressing the “C” button. tablelayout


Negative karma causes the following:

  • Lose items when you die;
  • Decrease the drop rate.

Karma Points Karma Name
+4 Noble
+3 Good
+2 Helpful
+1 Friendly
0 Neutral
-1 Aggressive
-2 Fraudulent
-3 Malicious
-4 Cruel

Item Shop

Image Item Info Cost
Bodhy Root A spiritual root which allows you to ascend beyond your past mistakes and clear your conscience. Removes all negative karma. 99
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